Dr. Loria & Wounded Veterans

Dr. Victor Loria, DO, of MIAMI PENIS EXTENSION SURGERY, located in Miami, Florida, will provide free penile enlargement and reconstructive surgery for any  wounded Veteran who has received a penile trauma that resulted in a deformity at the same time provided a heroic service for this great country.

Dr. Loria specializes in The Platinum Technique-  “Enlargement of the penis with a long-acting filling technique that involves a new and unique method of materials”. This technique is the latest state-of-the-art technology and the least invasive penis enlargement procedure available today. As far as Dr. Loria knows, nobody in the US provides such a sophisticated procedure. This technique involves the insertion of a filler material approved by the FDA into the penis, with a minimally invasive technique that does NOT contain stitches, without general anesthesia, without scars, without silicone implants, without suspensory ligament cutting and without traditional surgery. scalpels. The doctor.

Not only is it a pleasure for me to provide this type of service, but it is also a privilege and honor to serve those who serve and protect us

Wounded veterans must meet the medically approved criteria that will be determined by speaking with plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, or affiliated health care professionals who provide such services.